Etiquette for Tipping Movers

tipping ettiquette

As a customer you are entrusting all of your possessions to a professional mover and although they are being paid to provide a service to haul your belongings from place to place, they could be worthy of extra recognition for a job well done.

So, YES, please tip your movers if you are happy with your move.  Movers usually don’t expect a tip, however it is appreciated when given.  More than anything, its a sign that you recognized their effort.

THERE IS NO SET RULE!  However here is a few suggestions.  Moving is hard – offer a cold bottle of water, soda or a sports drink.  Some customers prefer to buy the crew lunch in lieu of a monetary tip.  This is perfectly fine, some do both.  If you offer lunch, ask if they have a preference or allergies.

Opinions on tipping vary, but it is said that the industry standard is 5%, which is pretty reasonable.  The quality of the move should also be a factor on your decision to tip and how much to tip.

Last tidbit of advice – if you decide to tip, divide the cash equally and hand to each mover.  It will show that you appreciate their individual efforts.